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2014 Block of the Month Club

Hello happy quilters! 

Do you ever feel like you're in a dry spell?  I'm talking about creativity and production but here in northern California, we are experiencing a serious dry spell.  A real time of drought.  We have begun to do our part to conserve water and use and re-use water carefully.  It kind of reminds me of using up scraps.  Saving little bits of everything so we have enough to use in another "just right" quilt project.  To save water to be able to save plants in pots and keep some shrubs alive is like saving all those bits.  It makes me happy to carry a soup pot of water out to water my flowers so they will bloom again in the spring and it makes me happy to play with my scraps to create another colorful scrap quilt that just makes you smile.  So if you're feeling a bit dry, dig into your scrap box and water your creativity.  And don't forgot to do your part to not waste water.  :-)  Remember what your grandma used to say, "waste not, want not".
Lots of new goodies and the shop! 
Quilt retreat was super great! 
Spring is on it's way and life is good! 
We're excited about adding Necchi sewing machines to our shop. Please stop by for a "test drive".  I think you will like them and their price, too.

Happy Quilting~~Kerrie